Yoga +Massage 

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six passive poses, supported by props (bolsters, pillows, blankets or blocks), that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses  include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. Restorative yoga helps to combat the physical and mental effects of everyday stress by

• Deeply relaxing the body
• Quieting the mind
• Improving capacity for healing by boosting the immune system
• Balancing the nervous system
• Enhancing your overall mood/sense of well being


Our Yoga + Massage class is a 60 minute restorative yoga class, integrating relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques during each pose. The addition of massage helps you achieve maximum benefit from each pose by gently increasing the opening of tissues and joints and promoting a deeper sense of relaxation.  Dim lighting, soft music and diffused essential oils create a soothing atmosphere. Classes sizes are small ( 4 students max) ensuring 30 minutes of hands on adjustment and relaxing massage per student.


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